Band Camp

An abridged version of ‘itsfromat’ has just nudged it’s way into the shop window of the worlds greatest assemblage of DIY mishapes and right-on snyde fodder that is

We love bandcamp and what it stands for though, the perfect place for music reality to exist, albeit virtually. The future of recorded music, free from the cactus arms of the cloyingly maternal music ‘industry’ and feral as it should be yet not trashy like myspace, oh no…

The album is abridged to sound snappier and might be how it should have been assembled in the first place. That’s half of the point, the other is that if you buy it as a download we’ll send you a hard copy of the original and a CDR of other bits and pieces. That’s right, we want some money, but basically it’s to cover the admin and postage of the hard copy. You love it.

The download is £3.50 GBP. What are you waiting for? Only about 500 of these are left…..


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HerE iT iS TheN, tHe bRanD nEw 2012 iTsfRoMaT WebSite (that was 2012)

Whats the point? you might think as you sit resplendent in the loinge, Cognac in one hand, mouse in the other, raising one eyebrow high enough to tilt your beret to a further jaunty angle.

Well the point is out there floating around and if you don’t see it you’re not looking hard enough. Read on.. »

ThE sIdEbaR