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HerE iT iS TheN, tHe bRanD nEw 2012 iTsfRoMaT WebSite (that was 2012)

Whats the point? you might think as you sit resplendent in the loinge, Cognac in one hand, mouse in the other, raising one eyebrow high enough to tilt your beret to a further jaunty angle.

Well the point is out there floating around and if you don’t see it you’re not looking hard enough.

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But of course that’s all in Latin. If you don’t understand that you had a rubbish education like most of us. Even if you did understand it would be irrelevant, maybe. There are still a ton of CDs sitting around in boxes so why not buy one and finance our next DIY project? only 3.5 English pounds. Drop into the ShOppE now and get on with it.

ThE sIdEbaR